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The Importance of Living Healthy

by Dr. Zhuoling Ren Some time ago, a patient brought a book to my attention that he had discovered. The book is titled The Importance of Living and was written by the modern Chinese philosopher, novelist, and educator Lin Yutang. It’s a calm reflection on how we might live our lives. The other day, I […]

Treating infertility in Traditional Chinese Medicine

How Chinese Medicine is treating infertility

Treating infertility is a complex issue. One of the principles is to tonify Yin or Yang according to the menstrual cycle. Tonifying Yin after, and tonifying Yang prior to the menstrual cycle – as well as regulating Qi and blood during menstruation – is one of the treatment strategies.   Tonifying Yin Post Menstruation Yin […]

Arthitis Treatment Acupunture

A better answer for Arthritis: Acupuncture and more

by Dr. Zhuoling Ren In Traditional Chinese Medicine there is one syndrome called the Bi-syndrome. “Bi” literally means obstruction, stiffness, numbness. The main symptoms of Bi-syndrome are pain, soreness, stiffness and numbness of the tendons, muscles and joints. Sometimes there can be redness, swelling, or a burning sensation or pain in the joints, limited motion, […]

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How is the Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine integrated in China?

by Dr. Zhuoling Ren 1999 Editors Note: Many people have asked about integrated medicine achievement in China. Here we attached is an article written by Dr. Zhuoling Ren at year 1999. There are many new development during all of these year in this topic, but the direction it was going may interesting you. What need […]

Spring and the Liver

Spring and the Liver

Did you know that spring time is the Liver time? In Chinese medicine, one way of looking at the body, and the external world, is through the lenses of the 5 Elements. According to these principles, all change in the universe and in your body occurs in five distinct cyclical stages or elements. Each of […]