Treating infertility in Traditional Chinese Medicine

How Chinese Medicine is treating infertility

Treating infertility is a complex issue. One of the principles is to tonify Yin or Yang according to the menstrual cycle. Tonifying Yin after, and tonifying Yang prior to the menstrual cycle – as well as regulating Qi and blood during menstruation – is one of the treatment strategies.   Tonifying Yin Post Menstruation Yin […]

Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy – Ancient way for reducing pain and more

By Dr. Ren & Dr. Qian Since the Olympic torch fired up at Rio 2016, the interesting interlude has gotten a lot of attention: That is the” Cupping Marks” – the circular purple bruises seen on Michael Phelps and other Olympic athletes. There are many people / patients ask me recently: what is cupping? how does it […]

Arthitis Treatment Acupunture

A better answer for Arthritis: Acupuncture and more

by Dr. Zhuoling Ren In Traditional Chinese Medicine there is one syndrome called the Bi-syndrome. “Bi” literally means obstruction, stiffness, numbness. The main symptoms of Bi-syndrome are pain, soreness, stiffness and numbness of the tendons, muscles and joints. Sometimes there can be redness, swelling, or a burning sensation or pain in the joints, limited motion, […]

Herbal Chinese Medicine

Chinese Herbs and the Media

With the increased interest and awareness of Chinese herbal medicine available to the public, the China Institute is experiencing an increased number of inquiries and requests for formulas that are being recommended in the media by doctors and practitioners. In reviewing the formulas, Dr. Ren has been discovering that several of these formulas may have […]