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  • Receptionist - Recent acupuncture grad or other wellness practitioner preferred.

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Chinese Herbs and the Media

With the increased interest and awareness of Chinese herbal medicine available to the public, the China Institute is experiencing an increased number of inquiries and requests for formulas that are being recommended in the media by doctors and practitioners.  In reviewing the formulas, Dr. Ren has been discovering that several of these formulas may have more herbs than are necessary, and some formulas are generic in nature as they include herbs to treat several conditions.  Some of the herbs may actually contradict the effectiveness of others, and the herbs may not be exactly what the individual patient needs for his or her particular body.

Chinese herbal medicine is an ancient practice and it benefits persons interested in building the internal balance, aiding the body to heal itself.  Dr. Ren has spent a lifetime studying the art and practice of herbal medicine.  It will be of great benefit to an individual to take the time to talk with Dr. Ren and discover which herbs are most suited to them.    Her knowledge will help them create a health plan that will aid their body specifically and will be economically beneficial as well.


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